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What We Want…
  • We are happy with the Sunshine Coast Council, the Local Government group that has governed us for 125 years, helped to support our community organisations and has delivered major upgrades to our community infrastructure and services, including $8 million in infrastructure investment over six years.
  • We want jobs and opportunities for employment for our children and grandchildren.
  • We want affordable living and housing for our families – and their families in the future.
  • We want to remain part of a progressive council, not one that is overly restrictive and over regulated.
  • We are happy with the representation that our two divisional councillors have given us. Unlike the Noosa structure, they are divisional councillors, accountable to the voters of their division, and represent their divisional area only. It’s in their interest to fight for what their neighbours want.
  • We want to protect the heritage, culture and individualism of our towns and surrounding areas, and develop our biodiversity through the likes of eco-tourism at the Eumundi Markets.
  • We have a much stronger “community of interest” with the communities in the Sunshine Coast Council area – the majority of the Eumundi/Doonan/Verrierdale area is in the upper Upper North Maroochy River catchment area.

Many people in our communities purchased their properties specifically in the Sunshine Coast Council area for the above reasons.

Why should they have to change? Why should they have to fight to win a vote that they don’t want to have in the first place?

What we don’t want…
  • We don’t want to see our rates syphoned into Noosa’s coastal infrastructure (as their hinterland communities of Cooroy, Pomona and Cooran have experienced for decades).
  • We don’t want our services being diminished and local infrastructure not being maintained properly.
  • We don’t want the small businesses of our area to be lumbered with the Tourism Levy that is used to promote Hastings Street and subsidise free bus services.
  • We don’t want a Council that appears to be swayed by the agenda of minority lobby groups such as the Noosa Parks Association, with three of its seven Councillors as NPA members.
  • We don’t want to be paying for the hangover of the de–amalgamation costs.
  • We don’t want to fund expensive planning decision court costs such as the NSCv Masters case.
  • We don’t want our famous “Eumundi Markets” to be called the “Noosa Hinterland Markets”

It’s curious that some Noosa residents and community groups such as Noosa Independence Alliance, Noosa Parks Association, Friends Of Noosa and the Noosa Community Biosphere Association – who fought so hard to avoid (and then successfully reverse) the forced amalgamation of Noosa Shire Council with Maroochy Shire Council a few years ago – are now supporting the same forced amalgamation of our communities into their Shire.

Does that make any sense to you?

If you are a resident of Eumundi, Doonan, Verrierdale, Weyba Downs, Peregian Springs or the Eumundi Range area, or you are someone who believes that small local communities have a right to determine their own future, please support us and become a member of The Sunshine Coast Alliance Inc. Association.

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