Sunshine Coast Alliance Incorporated Association

Why Change Something That Has Worked Successfully For More Than 100 Years?

The Sunshine Coast Alliance Inc. Association is a grass-roots community organisation of residents of the Eumundi, Doonan, Verrierdale, Weyba Downs, Peregian Springs and Eumundi Range areas who do not want to be forced to become part of the Noosa Shire.

Our group has many members. Many of them are fourth and fifth generation residents of this area. It’s a place that we love, that we believe has a great heritage and a strong future. We care about our communities – and we want to see our children and grandchildren grow up here.

While this area may be geographically close to Noosa, we have had cultural, family and financial links to the Local Government area controlled by the Sunshine Coast Council for well over a century. 70% of residents work in the Sunshine Coast Council area.

We’re more than happy to stay right where we are. The Sunshine Coast Council doesn’t want us to leave –
they do not support Noosa’s attempt to take over our communities.

It’s a pretty simple issue really: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

We are happy with the way things are, and don’t believe that the State Government should compel us to become part of a Shire Council whose philosophies, agenda and charges we don’t support.

Despite the ‘noise’ created by a lobby group, the EDV group, pushing for our area to join Noosa, we want to remain part of a progressive Council – not one that is overly restrictive and over-regulated.

It is our strong belief that the best chance of having a lifestyle that is culturally, environmentally and economically sustainable is to remain part of the Sunshine Coast Council area, where there are more likely to be greater opportunities for employment for our kids and grandkids, more support for the small business people who provide those jobs, and more affordable housing and living costs for our families.

We think that’s only fair. Don’t you?

If you’d like to support our communities and help ensure that we aren’t forced to become what we don’t want to be, you can click here to join us or take a moment to …read more

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Sunshine Coast Council does not support the proposal for a change to its boundaries because:

It adds further disruption to our community as a whole after six years of upheaval generated by the 2008 amalgamation and the subsequent 2014 de-amalgamation of local government in this region.
It potentially erodes business confidence in the region and undermines our ability to present the region as a stable and progressive location for new investment - investment that this region needs to generate employment, provide much needed infrastructure, and the facilities and services that our residents need
It is already creating division, instability and uncertainty within and between communities in the region - which in itself, poses one of the biggest challenges to community well-being and economic growth.

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Mark Jamieson

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